e diel, 18 nëntor 2007

Testing Windows Life Writer

Microsoft is not exactly my favorite corporation.  Like many of my friends, I use it because everyone else does and because it is already installed on every machine I buy. 

Microsoft, however, has created this new blogging tool that is pretty nifty -- Life Writer

First of all it links right to my blog.  No more writing and editing in once place (I NEED spell checker) and then cutting and pasting the text into Blogger.

This tool really is WYSIWYG and I can see exactly how the blog piece will appear when it is posted!

On really cool thing is that I can insert a picture exactly


where I want it to be in the text and it stays there.  Better yet, I can actually make adjustments to the photo size, rotate it or adjust contract right in the blog instead of messing with it afterwards.

Another feature is that I can easily add a map.  I went out and searched for California and then specifically looked for Palm Springs.  I had a choice about what kind of view I wanted and opted for the one shown.  It dropped right in! 

An Arial View of Palm Springs

Inserting a YouTube video is equally easy.  Here is one on the Sony Reader.

Once I dropped it in I was able to drag and resize it pretty much at will.

It is simple to add and resize a table

Item 1 Testing item 1 aligned right
Items 2 Testing item 2 aligned center

For some reason I could not get the Plug-in feature to work; but that gives me something more to test.

This tool works for multiple blogs.  I originally wrote it in the eBooks About main blog and then decided it should be in the publishing blog.  I simply went in and changed the weblog designation.  Here it is!

As soon as I write the next paragraph I am going to publish this directly on the blog. 

All in all this is a very cool tool!  You could write a book on your blog using this tool!

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